June 01, 2016

FYCKit?  That's not a bad thing.  Quite the opposite actually.  Do what you love and shake off your burdens, get yourself in your own groove.  It translates into a higher level of consciousness.  For us at FYC it can be one of our seven lifestyle traits including surf, fish, dive, ocean, explore, beach, shooter.  These are the lifestyles we rep and pursue.   This month FYC launches it's "FYCKit" campaign.   Don't just say it in a bad way.   Say it with some passion and the idea that you can break out of a mundane routine to go after that activity that puts a smile on your face and a fire in your heart.  Let's do it together.  We have been there after all.   FYCKit!
See our FYCKit collection located here on the store.

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