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March 12, 2021 2 min read

You want to be able to enjoy the great outdoors, especially after a long pandemic year. But you also know about many of the illnesses caused by various insects, and you don’t intend to deal with Lyme disease, or Chagas, or malaria this year. What do you need to be able to prevent bites which cause such illnesses?

Proper Clothing

It’s critical to make sure you wear the uniform for the job or work you’re doing and camping and hiking is no different. Your best bet, even in summer,involves long sleeves and long pants, tucked into socks which are in boots. Your hair must be covered in some way. Lightweight camping and hiking items are available for hot climates. Regardless of whether you wear full length clothing or not, be prepared to do full tick checks, including for tick nymphs, upon your return. Tick Nymphs are the size of the period at the end of this sentence. When searching for ticks, especially, pay attention to any mark which is unusual on your, or your friend’s skin. It’s critical to catch such things early, and having the proper clothing can prevent ticks and other insects from getting to your skin, or, at least, getting very far in their climb.

Insect Repellant

Regardless of what you wear, you need to be wearing a good insect repellent! This doesn’t mean just a B12 patch or a citronella bracelet to ward off mosquitoes.Mosquitoes can carry various diseases and are one of the most potentially dangerous pests. Realistically, those can be nice, but they do not do the work that DEET repellents do, nor do they ward away or kill ticks. With Lyme disease at all time highs in almost every state of the union, you need to prevent this dangerous and long-term infection. Your best bet is using something that will keep you safe, not just from easily treatable illnesses like malaria, and itchy bumps, but especially from sickness like Chagas, Dengue fever, Chikungunya, and the many other insect carried illnesses in the US. You need to shower the repellant off after your hike, but realistically, you need a shower after a good hike, anyway!

Bed Netting

One of the things which has helped in many countries to help prevent major illness by bug bites is the use of netting over beds while sleeping. As many insects swarm at night, and are constantly searching for their human food,the simple act of covering over your hammock or bedding with a mosquito net will help substantially. It’s an inexpensive option for those camping outdoors and helps immensely. Mosquitoes and other insects are unable to get through the netting to bother you, and you can feel secure and get a better night’s sleep!

Prevention of major illnesses caused by insects is absolutely the best way to keep yourself healthy while hiking and camping. This keeps your and your family and friends going outdoors for many years to come! Enjoying the outdoors safely is your best bet for prevention and safety!

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