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June 08, 2019 1 min read

We are thrilled to announce an FYC comeback that will soon be making its' way back into our apparel.  The Find Your Coast original seabird artwork is making a comeback into our apparel line.  It's O.U.R. Outdoors and it's where it all started.  From the (O)ceans and (O)ffshore trips to the (U)nderwater adventures to the (R)eefs, (R)eels and (R)iver (R)ats.  It is O.U.R. Outdoors and reaching our fellow adventurous outdoorsman to make that connection it what our goal has always been.  A one of a kind seabird logo featuring the likeness of a true seabird as seen by our founder.  What is a true seabird you might ask.  This is a bird that is highly pelagic, very accustomed to feeding on the ocean surface and below it and have a very long history with humans by having provided food to hunters, guided fishermen to fishing stocks and led sailors to land.  Unfortunately many species are currently threatened today.  However conservation efforts are under way.

Enjoy the Find Your Coast Seabird as it was brought about by the love we all share for the oceans, the outdoors, the underwater adventures, the reefs, the fishing reels and the rivers that feed all the eco-systems, oceans and bays of the world.

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