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May 16, 2017 2 min read

Nothing could be more exciting for us than taking it up a notch!  Find Your Coast Apparel began as a brand with all the coast culture in mind.  Surfing, fishing, diving and exploring.  We like to think the FYC name let's you feel it all.  If you appreciate this lifestyle then the likelihood that you will experience each of these things is very very good.  One might be a personal hobby or sport while another might be something you do with friends & family on vacation.  The point is you have experienced them and appreciate them all.  The beautiful oceans cover this earth by more than 70% as I am sure you have heard.  Growing up as a boy in Central Virginia & West Virginia, states with vast amounts of outdoors to experience, you needed to pick up more than one hobby to stay occupied because of the season changes.  Those hobbies for me, at that time, were anything board related.  With a half pipe in the driveway and a snowboard not far away ready for the first winter white stuff, the boards were ready.  It wasn't long before my first trip to Jacksonville Beach, Florida where I surfed for the first time.  Just turning 12 years old and I leaving the snowboard & skateboard back home as I set out for new adventures in the Sunshine State.  As it goes with many firsts, it was a first I would never forget.  The waves were not that big but big enough to learn.  The sun was beaming down on the Atlantic Ocean which had a little brownish coloring to it, topped with frothy white water.  Switching from one board to the next with the seasons suited me just fine.  I later went on to live in different areas with full time board riding cultures.  With this in mind we wanted the FYC Brand to get us to the mountains as well.  We are excited to introduce our newest family member and brand, Venture ProVenture Pro began as an FYC Collection but now it has taken on its' own identity and calling.  Allowing us to reach past the oceans and into the beautiful mountains is a dream come true.  From the Rockies down to the West Coast and the Appalachian down to the East Coast.  Venture ProBrand supports you in your lifestyle and looks forward to outfitting you on your journey.

The Venture Pro Brand is also available as part of our affiliate program you can read about here.


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