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September 08, 2017 5 min read

:: Fitness Spotlight :: Ocean Aficionado, Board Rider, Fitness Pro Trent Bender

He knows what he will die doing.  He knows how to get on a board and go.  He knows how to get out of the cold.  He knows what else to do with sand bags.  He never has a boring day.  Best of all he knows how to get the most out of people.  We catch up with Trent Bender,  aka BenderBuilt, from Venice Beach, California to get the scoop on his passion for fitness, his photo taking skills and how he snubs his nose at oncoming challenges.  Read his story and learn how he changes lives and his love for Jeep Wranglers.


1)  Where are you from?  Born and raised?   Where is your family?

(TB)  Born and raised for 28 years in the great state of Ohio.

2) Where do you live now?

(TB)  Beautiful Venice Beach California is home now!  I knew where I wanted to be.

3)  What got you started in fitness?  Or how?  When and where?   What's the story?

(TB)  I fell in love with fitness after I was finished with sports. Started training at the age of 18 and haven't stopped. Love watching myself change physically and mentally all the time. I was a bodybuilder at first and did that for 13 years then grew into functional strength training which I love doing. I can see the longevity of this training and it works perfect for my lifestyle.


4)  More about that-  obviously you are a fitness professional.  What do you love most about it?

(TB)  I love watching my clients get results and seeing them improve means a lot to me. Helping get someone in the best shape they have been in is cool to watch. Been doing it for over 20 years and will say it never gets old. When you can take a body and change it is amazing and when it's not yours it is special to be part of.


5)  How long have you been doing this as a profession? 

 (TB)  Over 20 years and would not want to be doing anything else. Will die doing this!

6)  What are your other hobbies, interests or activities? We know you love the water and board riding!  Give us the details!

 (TB)  When not training I have a mad love for the ocean! Paddling, surfing and bike riding along the ocean is what I love to do. Hiking is something I also really enjoy doing as well but the ocean, beach life is all me. Board riding is a huge part of my life from snow, street and water.

7)  What inspires you most to keep going after it?

 (TB)  I'm always up for a adventure and love exploring new places. Seeing new mountains to climb and new water to paddle or surf is always a good time.

8)  Who has been an inspiration for you?  Who has been a supporter for you?

 (TB)  My better half has been someone I always want to work harder for and always want to impress. She has been a huge part of my life and we both make each other better. We love the outdoors and love a lot of the same things. She is my biggest supporter and always wants me to strive and work to become the best me as possible.

9)  What do you find most challenging about the business and why?

 (TB)  I really don't think much about the challenges. If you love what you do it should be easy not hard. 

10)  So you like to transform people's lives physically?  What has been your proudest achievement?   Either personal or for a client.

 (TB)  I love watching my clients change mentally and physically and seeing this happen all the time is priceless. My achievements I guess is helping others achieve their goals and being a part of it. Being able to continue doing what I do is an achievement I strive for each day.

11)  What awards, acknowledgements or exposure have your received?

 (TB)  I have written fitness articles for many magazines, websites and social media. Worked with a lot of great companies on photo shoots for fitness and waterman alike. 

12)  Do you prefer being inside a gym or outside in the open air?   Why?

 (TB)  My gym is a four car garage so it is pretty much outside. Love training outdoors either at the gym or at the beach. Great to get fresh air, breeze and a sun tan all at once. 

13)  What is your preferred weight type or exercise of choice for the most overall beneficial impact on a human body?  Why?

 (TB)  Love training with kettlebells and sandbags. I feel you can get the best results with these two training tools. You can get a full body workout and build strength with conditioning all at the same time.  They are amazing additions to any workout!

14)  Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

 (TB)  Doing the same thing just in different places. I hope to have a couple different locations that I can visit and host fitness/water retreats.

15)  You love to travel.  Where has been your favorite trip in the last 2 years?   Where is the one place you would drop everything and go today if you could?

 (TB)  Mexico I love this place from the waves to the food. Hawaii does come in a close 2nd as I love this place also.

16)  What is your favorite action movie and why?  What is your favorite love story movie and why?    (trying to tap into the soft side, lol)

 (TB)  Predator, huge Arnold fan! Love story is hard to say really don't get into them much. I guess it would be Pretty Woman.

17)  What is your favorite food?  Favorite after workout snack?  

 (TB)  Sushi is hands down a must have weekly.  A favorite after workout snack is my go to shake that consists of frozen fruit, coconut water, protein powder and peanut butter

18)  Are you into fantasy sports like fantasy football?   If so which ones and why?

 (TB)  Who has time for that?   I'm too busy outside taking advantage of my backyard.  If I am able I would watch a little football and basketball.

19)  What is one thing about yourself people may or may not know that you would like to share?   This can be anything from wanting to be an astronaut to you love the smell of fresh cut grass.

(TB)  I love Jeeps.   I have a love for Jeep Wranglers.  Love the rugged look and feel.  They can do it all off road to the mountains or to the beach.  You have to customize them to give it the look you are going after.

20)  Last but not least - What connects you to the FindYourCoast & Venture Pro Brands?

(TB)  They both fit my lifestyle from the love of the ocean life to living an active lifestyle. Love sunsets, surf, exploring and traveling all over finding the best coast! A great brand to be part of. 

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