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June 01, 2019 2 min read

Summer is here!  What we love the most is seeing the Find Your Coast Apparel come back to us in the form of photos.  Those photos inspires us to create more, design more, promote more, give more, do more, adventure more, surf more, fish more, travel more and so many more things!  With all that inspiration from your photos we can only thank you for the great inspiration and offer your something sweet for your pics!  What is that something sweet you might ask?   How about a 50% store discount!  Just keep doing what you do this summer.  Hit the beach, jet set down to the Caribbean, take Wednesday off of work to surf, get offshore this weekend to fish, get those sunrise & sunset Coastal Life pictures!  Whatever it is show us with your pictures and we will email you a quick and easy link to your personal 50% store discount.  But first you might need something new to wear in your pictures.  With so many new arrivals it may be hard to choose but we would like to make the transaction even easier for you by offering 10% off your entire order with code 'picturepromo' or simply click and use this link.  Yes, it will redirect you back to the home page and the discount will then be automatically included in your checkout without having to enter a code.  So easy!


We look forward to seeing your adventures this summer.  If you have any questions please contact us here.  Get started with the link above and take advantage of earning a 50% store discount!



Find Your Coast Summer Picture Promo



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