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January 31, 2020 2 min read

FYC Tips for Getting Your Friends Into Big-Game Fishing

If you enjoy big-game fishing, then you may want to invite your friends to enjoy your hobby too. There are several steps that you can take to encourage them to try big-game fishing. It is very possible that once they get the first big bite, they will be begging you to take them on your next fishing trip.

Offer Your Boat

Many people choose not to go big-game fishing because they do not have the right boat. Offering your boat helps them have a place to enjoy your favorite hobby. If you do have your own boat, but you rent one, then cover the rental cost the first time. Allowing them to use your boat, even if it is a rental, will enable them to see if they like big-game fishing without a significant monetary commitment.

Consider Lessons

Your friends may be intimidated to go big-game fishing because they do not know how to fish. Lessons are an excellent way for them to learn. Since you can find lessons at all experience levels, you may want to take a lesson with them because it will allow you to learn new tips and techniques. You can find seminars for certain locations on the topic of big game fishing, giving you good advice for your location.

Feed Them

After you return from your next big-game fishing trip, then invite your friends over for a meal where you deliciously fix your big catch while it’s still fresh. That way, your friends will want to be able to put that fish on their dinner table. During the meal, you can talk about the great time that you had big game fishing. They may also look at you as the star for the night because of your fishing skill and want to emulate you.

Give Big-Game Fishing as a Gift

Experience gifts are a popular option that many people enjoy receiving. A big-game fishing trip can be given as a wedding, birthday, or anniversary present. Then, people will want to go with you. Once they experience the fun of big-game fishing, they will want to go back often because of the thrill of hooking a big one that puts up a massive fight before submitting to you.

There are many ways to get your friends involved in big-game fishing so that you do not have to go alone. Consider these ideas and choose the ones that are right for your friend set. Then, organize the details, and you will soon have many friends wanting to go big-game fishing.

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