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January 20, 2017 2 min read

Three weeks ago, I set out with an unquenchable thirst for adventure and exploration. I sold all that I owned except the essentials of a backpack and my beloved motorcycle. The goal was to ride my motorcycle down Historic Route 66 from St. Louis to Arizona. Camping, hiking, and exploration were all on the menu in Arizona before I sell my motorcycle and head off to surf South America's world renowned surf.
Throughout my 5 day trip I was delayed several times with unexpected freezing temperatures, ice storms, snow and everything else that may stop a motorcyclist from traveling.
Upon arriving in Holbrook, Arizona, I was forced off Route 66 to head south in an attempt to escape a winter storm heading directly towards me.  The re-route ended up being the best part of my motorcycle trip through the awesome Apache Reservation.  I am not using the word 'awesome' lightly.  The canyons were absolutely spectacular.  I had never seen anything like it in my adventures around the world.  The scenery left me speechless.
I ended up setting up camp in southwest Arizona.  From there I explored the amazing outdoors, including: Dome Rock Mountain, Castle Dome Rock, mining Ghost Towns, Lake Havasu and Kofa Wildlife Refuge.  I was able to hike mountains without trails that at times became a little dangerous, camping in the middle of the desert with no other humans in sight, and enjoy the amazing desert scenery of cactus, colorful mountains and bright skies.
Arizona is one of the most incredible places for getting outdoors. There are endless mountains, canyons, forests, lakes, hiking and camping to quench anyone's thirst. There's so much more to see and my journey is just getting started.  The adventure never ends!  FYCKit - Venture on.
Gabriel Johnson
FYC Team Brand Rep & Mentor
JiuJitsu Athlete


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