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May 19, 2020 4 min read

With spring upon the world, it is time to dust off your camping supplies and prepare for the ultimate adventure: camping in the wild. There are many things to be aware of as you plan your camping trip and to keep yourself and your camping crew safe as anything can happen while you camp. How do you handle the unexpected? What sort of supplies should you bring? Here are some ideas to help you plan your ultimate spring camping trip.

The Right Vehicle

Off-roading is one of the unique experiences that camping brings, but it can be incredibly difficult if you don’t have the right vehicle for the terrain. One such vehicle that might make things easier is a Land Rover. A Land Rover is a popular European car brand that is great for off-roading. It has many capabilities that make it the perfect car to go camping with as it is specifically designed with off-roading in mind.

Proper Equipment

One of the most crucial aspects of a camping trip is to have the right equipment. You need to make sure that your tent works, if you have one, that you have tarps to cover your tent, that you have the gear you need for the activities you want to do, such as hammocks, sleeping bags, tents, hiking gear, fishing gear, boating gear, etc. It’s also important to have sunscreen and bug-spray especially as the days are starting to get longer and the bugs are awakening from their winter sleep. As anyone who’s forgotten bug-spray knows, bug-bites make camping incredibly unpleasant. If you plan on doing water activities, it is important to make sure your boating equipment is up-to-date and well-maintained before you take it on your camping adventure. Proper equipment and proper safety training makes the camping experience much more enjoyable for you and your camping party.

Preparation and Skills

A camping experience is never fun if you aren’t prepared for it. There’s a reason Boy Scouts have many merit badges all with the intent of making them better campers. Knowing your first aid can help in an emergency (as you never know what you’ll run into while camping). Knowing how to start a fire, how to pitch a tent, how to navigate with a compass, how to do basic first-aid, what poisonous plants look like, what to do when you come across a wild animal, and so on are all incredibly useful skills that make camping much easier. Being prepared for the unexpected makes you a more capable camper and able to handle things better. Even if you spend weeks planning your camping trip, you can’t account for all the possible things that might happen, but having the skills necessary for survival might just come in handy in an emergency..

Quality Clothing

Another important aspect of camping is picking quality clothing. Camping requires special clothing in order to provide protection. Different activities that you do while camping (from swimming to hiking) will also require different clothing. Comfortable clothing is best when camping. Make sure your clothing is durable, comfortable and is adequate for the region where you are camping in. Also remember to bring a jacket, depending on the region where you are camping. In some areas, it drops significantly in temperature when the sun goes down, and if you don’t have adequate or quality clothing, your camping experience will be much more unpleasant. Another point to consider: if there are bugs in your area, consider wearing long-sleeves and long pants for protection. Good clothing can make or break a camping experience.

Beware the Storms

Many a campout has been ruined by the unpredictability of weather and a sudden storm. It is helpful to glance at the forecast for wherever you decide to camp ahead of time and to take the necessary precautions. Know what to do if you get caught on the trail during a thunderstorm. Make sure to be prepared for all kinds of weather, and if necessary, switch to a backup plan and reschedule your trip for sunnier days.

Who are You Taking with You?

Camping can be more fun and safer if you have people to go with you. Unless you like to solo camp, it is always better to have someone with you, just in case you injure yourself or you get lost in the wilderness. Invite your coworkers, or take your family and journey up into the mountains for a wild ride.

Planning for Food Ahead of Time

A key aspect of a good camping experience is the food. What are you going to eat? Make sure that when you plan, you plan the meals you’re going to eat. If you’re taking all of your own food with you, or fishing on site, account for that in your plans. No one likes a hungry camper. If you are backpacking into your campsite, remember that food is incredibly heavy. While you don’t want to take the entire kitchen fridge with you, you also want to take nutritious meals that will give you energy for your adventure. Also, when it comes to food, if you are camping in bear country, make sure to take the necessary precautions to secure your food out of the hands of bears.

Deciding on Activities

There are a host of things that you could decide to do while camping. You could go hiking if there’s a beautiful nature trail. You could go swimming, if there’s a stream or lake nearby. If you’re camping in a national park (like Yellowstone) you could go sightseeing and take pictures of the natural wonders. You could simply hang up your hammock and read a book while enjoying the sunshine. Make sure that you account for the time that you plan on camping and the expense that comes with some activities.

With spring finally here, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip, fill up your camper, jump in your Land Rover and journey into the unknown for the ultimate spring camping experience.

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