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A big happy FYC welcome to surf sisters Lucy & Sive Jarrard from Carlsbad, California.  The competitive surf sisters have joined the FYC family and we could not be more thrilled.  Not one but two ranking competitors pursuing their passion for surfing out of beautiful Southern California.  At 15 years old and 14 years old the girls have been raised in the waves where surfing has taken a front seat in everyday life.  The girls currently rank 1st & 2nd, respectively, on the Women's Longboard.  Scheduled for a busy 2017 Summer we begin here with a Q & A so you can meet the girls.  Find out who's favorite movie is from the 1980's and who loves spaghetti.


Surf Sisters Lucy & Sive Jarrard - Carlsbad, California.

1)  What are you currently ranked?]

(LJ)  I am currently ranked 1st in Women's Longboard, Scholastic Surf Association.

       15th in the WSA girls shortboard U16 division.

(SJ) I am currently ranked 10th in the WSA Longboard U18 division.  Previously 2nd

       in the WSA Longboard U14 2015-2016.

2) What got you started in surfing?

(LJ) My older sisters and my dad got me surfing.  They have always been super

       supportive providing me with inspiration and getting me into the waves.

(SJ) My dad.  Since I was a toddler my dad has had my whole family at the beach and

       getting us in the waves.

3)  Who inspires you most in surfing and why?

(LJ) Lakey Peterson inspires me most because she began surfing around the same time

      as me and now she is on the world tour. 

(SJ) My biggest inspiration is my family.  It has always been a fun competition to see who

       can get the biggest and baddest wave.  The family competition inspires me.

4)  How much time do you spend practicing?

(LJ) (SJ)  We spend the same time practicing each week.  2 hours a day and longer on

      weekends depending on the season. 

5)  Where is your favorite surf spot?

(LJ) (SJ) We both love to surf Oceanside, Harbor.  Oceanside, Ca's largest beach!

6)  Do you and your sister surf together all the time?  Do you push each other?

(LJ) (SJ)  Yes!  We surf together everyday and we push each other to be better.

      When she lands a trick I want to do the same!  We definitely feed off of each other

      in a positive way!

7)  To Sive - We know you had a bad skateboarding accident.  How are you overcoming that today?

(SJ)  Yes,  I did.  Since the injury it held me back.  I love surfing and want nothing more

      than to surf my whole life.  So when I was able to do sports again I wanted nothing

      more than to get back on my board.  It's my favorite thing to do and clears my head.

8)  So far, what has been your proudest moment?

(LJ)  Taking the win in Huntington!  All of those girls are talented and used to beat me. 

        When I took that win it showed all my practice paying off.

(SJ)  When I was able to surf again after my skateboarding injury has been something

        I am grateful for and will never forget.

9)  You parents are supportive, have they always been supportive? 

(LJ) Yes absolutely.  My dad started it all by pulling us around on a bodyboard and moving

       us into surfing.  Both mom and dad have always been there and started it all.

(SJ) Yes!  Very supportive and helping me keep my head up, keeping focused on getting

       better and advancing.

10)  What other teams or organizations are you a part of?

(LJ)  Western Surf Association,  Scholastic Surf Association,

(SJ)  No other organizations at this time.

11)  Where do you want to be in 5 years?

(LJ)  I plan to go to UC Santa Cruz and join their surf team.

(SJ) I plan on traveling more, surfing more and attending college.

12)  What is your favorite movie?

(LJ)  Can't Buy Me Love

(SJ)  Emperor's New Groove

13)  What is your favorite music?

(LJ)  I love it all but really love rock right now!

(SJ)  I listen to all kinds, no favorite right now.

14)  What is your favorite food?

(LJ) Steak!

(SJ) Spaghetti! 


Thanks for taking the time to get to know the girls.  We wish them much success

this summer and beyond!  We will keep you updated.

AMSlam - Sun Diego Surf Contest 2017 updates;

June 17th -  Lucy placed 2nd in WMNS Long Board & 5th in the Short Board

                     Sive placed 3rd in WMNS Long Board

July 8th -     Lucy placed 1st in WMNS Long Board & 4th in Short Board

                    Sive placed 3rd in WMNS Long Board


They are off to a great start this contest season!







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Anthony Matautia
Anthony Matautia

June 19, 2017

Good job girls we are all so proud of you! Keep working hard!

John Barry, Jr.
John Barry, Jr.

June 11, 2017

Very nice article..
Great job Lucy & Sive..
And also a shout out to both their parents, Lionel & Susana.. You guy’s have done a great job with all your children.. You both should be very proud of their accomplishments!!

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