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Greetings fellow adventurers! I am a huge lover of all things ocean, beach and coastal. I have always loved everything relating to the oceans and coasts. The lifestyles they represent. FYC was created to represent that lifestyle. Created back in 2014, FYC began its' journey on social media. Under the brand account @findyourcoast and under the sister account @thecoastallife. We connected with hundreds, even thousands upon thousands of coastal adventure lovers. Sales of FYC allow us to keep designing and allow you to keep adventuring in original one-of-a-kind comfort. One person's drive and desire for something new on the marketplace that symbolizes more than just one form of recreation. The FYC brand will keep you looking forward to your next adventure. Have fun out there.


Life is short, do what you love!

Douglas Pugh

Founding Ambassador

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