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1)  Where are you guys located?   We are based in both Virginia & Florida.  

2)  Where do orders ship from?   Orders are shipped out of Los Angeles, California,  Charlotte, North Carolina and China.

3)  How long do orders take to ship and what are the rates?  Up to 5-7 days per order.  Pre-orders will take 2-3 weeks.  All depending on order size, what products are ordered and where they are shipping to.  Rates range from 3.95 - 35.95 depending on product ordered i.e., canvas print vs. leggings.  Do you have a specific question on this?  Please email

4)  How do your shirts fit?   Our shirts fit with a modern.  If you have a fit question please email us and we will recommend a good size for you based on your height, weight and fit preferences.  Email 

5)  Do you offer sponsorships?   We have a brand rep program that you can submit an application for.  If approved, we can begin a relationship together, you get to know us, we get to know you and we can see where it grows from there. 

6)  What is your brand rep program?  Our unique brand rep program is a social program.   People from all over the world inquire, join and help the brand grow.  It is meant to be fun, sharing and something that helps spread the word of mouth.  A very powerful form of marketing.  We encourage you to apply!

7)  Do you ship to Hawaii, Canada and Australia?   Yes, yes and yes.   We ship worldwide.

8)  Do you need models?  Yes.  We need models.  All of our models are currently one of our brand reps.  Please apply to become a brand rep and learn about modeling opportunities as well.

9)  I have an order issue.  What can I do?   No problem.   Please do look over your order as soon as it arrives.  Your happiness is our success.  If a return is required return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.  Kindly email us right away so we can take care of you.  Email