FYC's Tee Shirt Club

Join the official FindYourCoast tee shirt club.   A club that will provide you with two of FYC's hottest items each and every month delivered to your door.   A no brainer.   Prefer to let our group of designers provide you with some of FYC's premium apparel so you know you get the best of the best?   Just sign up and join the club.  Not to mention joining the club will allow for a lifetime store discount to all members.

We will select one of the worlds most amazing coast locations that will be the inspiration for our graphic print.  This could also include some of our Limited Edition run tee shirt.  Tee shirts include a selection of 100% cotton, 50% cotton/50% polyester or triblend.

Club membership includes all taxes, shipping & handling, club fees.


How it works:   Every month you will receive an authentic T-shirt from the best of the world's most interesting and amazing coasts.  A new coast/beach is featured every month.  Coasts around the world provide some of the most sought after entertainment and recreation known to man.  Own your own coast culture from some of these amazing destinations.

How are locations chosen?   The coasts or Limited Edition of the month are picked by the FYC Team.  What led to the brand's creation of travel and pursuing a passionate filled life has also left many memories of amazing places.  We take great pride in the FYC brand and what it means to find the next amazing destination.

How much is the membership and what do I get?  The monthly membership fee is $30.00.  You will get one premium tee shirt delivered with high quality printed graphics that includes a full frontal graphic with a small brand logo on the upper back approx. 2"x2".

How are the shirts shipped?   Shirts are carefully packaged in a separate polybag to keep them clean and dry and then packaged in a shipping bag.   Shipping from California, USA.  1-2 days estimated shipping time to the west coast and 3-4 days shipping time estimated to the rest of US. 

Tee Shirt Club Membership

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