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Currently FYC is seeking;

- ASSISTANT ART DIRECTOR -  USA,  This is an independent position for an artistic individual with a passion to expand on their artistic abilities and create their art through the FYC brand.  

  • No prior experience necessary
  • Bring a passion with your artistic talents
  • Potential of this position may lead to partnership share, full time possibilities
  • Send your resume along with a cover page to 

Condition of Work 

Ability to work on their own to create, collaborate and expand on the brands overall focus.

Educational Requirements

NONE REQUIRED -  we are willing to discuss this opportunity with everyone who has an artistic ability that can be applied to the brand.  Knowledge of photoshop is a must.  Affinity, Procreate, Corel Draw and others are a preference by many and acceptable by us as well.



- OUTSIDE SALES, Territory Sales, Independent Sales Reps - Introduce our product line to your existing customers and target new customers whom you feel will be a great fit for our apparel.  Apply today!

Duties of an Outside Sales Representative

  • An outside sales representative or sales rep are responsible in assisting the company to get their products into new customer hands.
  • An outside sales representative work with their customers personally or face-to-face. They are employed by a certain company in order to visit various customers to market their products and services. Typical work includes demonstrating how their products are utilized or discussing the functions of the product, giving catalogs or showing presentations to their customers. After doing the sales talk, they will then present the range of prices on the particular product or services. 
  • Outside sales representatives make follow-up with their customers so as to ensure that the customers are satisfied or contact them regarding some other products or services that their customers may be interested in buying.
  • Once sales have been made, outside sales representatives maintain a close contact with their customers, resolve certain issues and answer relevant questions. This is usually done in order to promote an optimistic environment, positive experience with the customers and possible future business.

Condition of Work

Outside sales representative are required to travel to businesses or other departments and organizations to market the FYC products.

Educational Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in marketing preferred or equivalent.  Experienced sales background is equivalent.