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Addicted to good people, going after what you love, board riding and living a good life.  We pack a lot into the FYC lifestyle experience.  If you are not bored then it's been a good day.  Why?  Because there is a lot to do out there.  Once being told "the more you do, the more you can do" kinda stuck somewhere along the way.  Therefore FYC appreciates all that you can do at the coasts and on the water while fulfilling that yearn for the active lifestyle.  Join the FYC family.  We'd love to see your personality come through in our apparel brand.
Find Your Coast is an active outdoors lifestyle brand.  Knowing just about anything can be accomplished in a tee shirt and hat.  We love board riding, the ocean and making sure you find a little down time in between. 


To support, foster & develop a truly unique love for coast culture.  Through continuously evolving design, collaborative creativity and a like-minded team effort we work to transform that into the exciting Find Your Coast Brand.


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