The Venture Pro Brand beginnings.

Just one is not enough.  We want more so we go after more.  So do you.  An All-American inspired collection that believes the more you do the more you can do.   Rising into it's very own like a young baby.  Our beautiful baby we gave birth to just last year is now on its' way to growing up brand wise.  Ever wonder why so many clothing brands just symbolize one sport or just one activity.  Because it's probably smart for marketing and easier that way.  We were sick and tired of it.  We want more.  We think you do too.  At Find Your Coast we represent all the coast cultures and the sporting lifestyle you know and live.  We designed the Official Venture Pro Brand as an extension of the FYC brand to take us even further.  With the aim of not only outfitting the coast culture lifestyles but also taking you to the mountains and back.  Those gondola rides up the mountainside so you can carve a path right back down it and that foamy ocean froth in the 90 degree sun on a perfect summer day.  The Venture Pro 'V' pairs with both of those and then some.  You love anything with a board, surf or snow?  Anything to broaden your horizons and push you to explore and live more.  The Venture Pro Brand is for you.  Take your pick & pick your passion.
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Take aim on your passions. 

The All-American Collection that embodies what you love to do. 





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