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Venture Pro - Balance of Land & Sea

Venture Pro - balance of land & sea
Take life for a big, bad ride. 
Creating a good story in life.   Even when it's a battle of Profession vs. Passion.  Achieve balance so you can maintain your sanity to do it all over again next week.  We don't mince words when we said we wanted more.  But how can you obtain more when you sacrifice five days a week in exchange for two.  The more you do the more you can do is the golden rule.  Or maybe it is the golden standard.  What you set out to be you will be.  The world we live in has its' seasons and we see these seasons as an opportunity to master new boards.  For we are free on top of our boards and exploring new lands & sea.  Let your passions loose and do what you love while the outside noise disappears.  From gondola rides up the mountainside to that foamy ocean surf on a hot summer day.  Ride more, do more, explore more.  Take life for a big, bad ride. 
The salty old mountain man with his life long memories of riding the waves and the powder days will be dreaming of his ventures even when he is in his dentures.
Create your story.










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