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April 22, 2017 2 min read

The beach is an obvious choice for some fun, but if you're not venturing beyond the beach, then you're missing out.  If you're ready to go rogue, then it's time to go anti-beach bum.  Yes your tan is important but here are 10 reasons why the beach is NOT enough:
 1)  You can't hike at the beach.  Sure, you can take a long walk on the beach.  But can you hike it?  Get away from the beach and hike through a coastal forest and explore the peaks and valleys around you.
2)  The best fishing can happen inland, anyway.  Deep sea fishing?  Ok, ok, ok - we know you can fish at the beach.  But what if you go inland?  There, you'll find unique fishing honey holes among unique scenery. 
3)  You never know what you'll find until you explore.  Get away from being beachy and go exploring.  Brush the sand off and start digging, walking, foraging, or whatever you plan on doing during your adventure!  
4)  Try out different gear.  When you go inland, you get to try out all-new gear and accessories.  Looking for an excuse to buy some new boots?   Here's your chance!  Want a solar-powered smartphone charger for your adventure?  Now's a great time to try one. 
5)  Get away from the sand.  Tired of sand finding its way into the most obnoxious places?   Explore inland, off the beach, and you might be more satisfied.
6)  You can get a new kind of workout.  Tired of slumming it at the beach?  Swimming getting boring?  Go inland for hiking, climbing, and stretching. 
7)  Go cliff jumping.  Need to cool off and wash the sand off?  Ask around for that nearby "secret spot" not listed and we bet you find a rope swing or a badass cliff to launch yourself from.
8)  Take a helicopter tour.  It's all about the ocean!  See it from above.  Check out local helicopter tours for an amazing aerial view of the land and sea below.   An awesome view of what is swimming in the waters and a great way to tour a new area!
9)  Can't dive the beach!  It's true you can't go diving on the beach.  Grab some goggles and find the water.
10)  Spend your day out on a boat.   That warm salty air with an endless breeze blowing over the water as you cruise your way around the ocean.  Fishing, diving, exploring.  It can all be done from a boat.  Way of the waterman.



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