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March 09, 2017 2 min read

Tee Shirt Differences, What Are The Difference In Tee Shirt Blends

We have realized no matter how much we are able to describe our apparel on the website there are still outstanding questions from customers regarding the tee shirt types.  Perhaps we need to delve into this a bit more.  With the rise of newer more "modern" blended tee shirts there is also a rise in questions about which is which and which is better.

We won't say which may or may not be better but we will offer some information about the blends.   We offer a selection of tees that includes 100% cotton, 50/50 Poly Cotton and a triblend which is a mixture of cotton, polyester and rayon.  100% cotton shirts have been around for a long time.  Being made of all natural fibers they are good for all skin types, soft, comfortable and more importantly breathable.  Cotton will not cause irritation on the skin and will absorb and release perspiration quickly.  It does have a disadvantage when it comes to durability as it can fade quickly by losing its' color after some wash and wear.  Since this is the longest lasting fabric to be used for modern apparel almost everyone has owned or does own a 100% cotton shirt and this is a must for infants and young children as their skin is very sensitive.

Now moving on to the PolyCotton blend.  This is a 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend.  By adding the man made or synthetic fiber known as polyester the shirt durability increases drastically making it nearly indestructible and it will never fade.  Polyester is crease resistant hence requiring less ironing.  Being more durable is a big plus however it is not as breathable as cotton.  By combining the two fibers in one you get the best of both worlds.  Breathability and durability with a very good drape against your body.

Finally by adding rayon to the polycotton blend you have what's known as the triblend.  A cotton, polyester and rayon blended shirt.  The addition of rayon makes the fabric uniquely softer with an almost worn in feel.  The triblend shirt almost appears vintage because they have a reduced boldness in color.  Blacks are not a black, greens not as green, so on and so forth with all colors.  The cotton offers breathability, polyester offers strength and durability and rayon shininess.  This blend makes a shirt that is durable, ultra-soft and also resilient.  Making this blend an increasingly popular shirt style.  

This wraps up our brief overview of the differences in tee shirt blends.  We hope this helps your shopping experience and any decisions you might be making on which blend you will prefer the most.

Your comfort matters most and the small differences in these blends might just determine how your day goes.  So choose wisely friends.







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