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February 22, 2017 2 min read

This is why it's so good.  The life, the living, the sport, the outdoors, the coast, our culture.  We take an anti-beach bum approach to our lifestyle apparel brand and we bet you do too.  Now we have located the top 10 most trending destinations to do just that.   Not only destinations but we have also put together the past most trending ocean sports that you need to be doing, trying & learning.  First, let us begin with Kayak's Top 10 destinations for all coast culture enthusiasts according to Conde Nast.  These places will blow your mind with their beauty, clean ocean spirit, everyday sunset madness and ridiculous anti-beach bum activities.  Check them out as they all have significant increases in flight searches versus the year prior.

#1)  Maui, Hawaii  We all know Hawaii.  It's been filling our dreams for decades. (search increase up 136% from previous year, according to

#2)  Martinique,  an insular region of France in the Eastern Caribbean.  Love isolated coves and history?   You will love this place.   (search increase up 125%)

#3)  Guadeloupe an insular region of France in the Eastern Caribbean.  (search increase up 125%)

#4)  Phuket, Thailand   off the coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea.  Love white sands?  You will love this place.  (search increase up 45%) 

#5)  Auckland, New Zealand  named one of the best in the world.  Might have to visit to see why.   (search increase up 45%)

#6)  Bali  an Indonesian Island with surf to die for.  (search increase up 37%)

#7)  Colombo, Sri Lanka  experiencing a slight hotel boom.  (search increase up 28%)

#8)   Maldives    Love an over-the-water bungalow?  This is where they are!  (search increase up 28%)

#9)  Okinawa, Japan   Where blue ocean and white sand meet.  (search increase up 27%)

#10)  Sydney, Australia    Avant-garde beach destination.  (search increase up 26%)


Now let us move on to the anti-beach bum approach to enjoying some of these areas!  Included in this top 10 list are some of the most trending water sports around the globe and not necessarily in the same destinations as above.  However where the land meets the sea you will find activities such as these.  Now trending with the help of research provided by

#10)  Surfing in Bali, Indonesia

#9)  Scuba diving in Brisbane, AUS

#8)  Kayaking in Lake Tahoe

#7)  Jet Skiing in Miami & South Florida

#6)  Windsurfing in Costa de la Luz, Spain

#5)  Kitesurfing in Morocco

#4)  Body boarding in the Cayman Islands, Caribbean

#3)  Power boating in San Diego Bay a Maritime town

#2)  Water skiing in Rhodes, Greece

#1)  Wake boarding in Lake Navarino,  Western Australia


 What you need for your next adventure.

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