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October 02, 2015 2 min read

With fall time upon us it is time to begin planning that awesome trip to your favorite beach or potentially favorite beach destination.   Cabo San Lucas offers some of the most amazing Marlin fishing.   Where the deep blue water of the Baja Sur gets crowded with charter boats searching for the marlin.   See one jump and lay down the gas racing to get top position.   Throw out your lines and start reeling!  Get a bite?   Get it HOOKED carefully but quick!  Yes it is a challenge and requires experience to hook that sucker!  Once it's hooked have a seat and grab a drink.  Time for the real experience to be had.   These fish are extremely strong swimmers, fast, sleek and truly offer a workout.   Grab your camera because once you get it close to the boat you will want to start taking pictures of your new trophy.  So many charter boats at the Cabo tip you can even 'wing it' and get to the docks to find one on the fly.   However it is a bit wiser to plan ahead and book one in advance.  This is a must do activity while you are visiting beautiful Cabo San Lucas.

Prefer to be in the water versus on top of it?   Then you might need to take a trip to The Grand Caymans.  Offering a rich history of Pirates, the famous 7 mile beach, amazing food, and a very well rounded vacation experience.  Snorkeling with the Sting Rays at 'Sting Ray City', as it's named, is one awesome way to spend an afternoon!   Take a short catamaran ride out to the Sting Ray City area, grab your snorkel gear and jump in!   The Sting Rays are as big a people as they glide around underneath the boat.   Dive down and grab a selfie with these majestic animals.  Crystal blue waters offer perfect visibility with an amazing Caribbean reef just a short swim away.  It is such an awesome experience free-diving in these warm waters with some amazing animals.  Just one of the many ocean activities to be had in the beautiful Grand Cayman Islands. 

Both destinations will offer an unforgettable vacation with plenty of sunshine, boos and good times to be had!   Don't forget to share pictures of your trip with our instagram pages. @thecoastallife & @findyourcoast





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