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June 07, 2016 1 min read

FYC is proud to announce the release of our newest collection.   The Venture Pro.  More like a lifestyle than a collection.   Designed with a simple, identifiable, 3 stripe logo pattern that signifies the life it represents.  Wearing stripes means something different to everyone who wears them.   From uniformed stripes of those who bravely serve our country in the police or military to recreational stripes of those who may be a part of a club or organization.   Our Venture Pro stripes symbolize a lifestyle.  The lifestyle that you go after what you desire.  Pursue your passions and check regrets at the door.  Join our fun Venture Pro challenge.  See more of the challenge on the website here.

Pursuing what you love has never been so much fun!  That fulfilling, satisfying activity you look forward to all week long.   That's your Venture.  Now go after it.

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