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July 08, 2021 2 min read

Going camping is such a fun experience whether you’re going solo, with your family, or with a large group of friends. But having great experiences camping doesn’t just happen. It takes effort on your part to make sure you have the right supplies to make your experience a success. If you have a truck, there are a variety of items you can purchase to make your truck more versatile when camping.

Camping Shell

Camping shells are a great way to make your truck more camping-friendly. A camping shell basically acts as a tent that wraps around the bed of your truck. There are a variety of different sizes that you can get but they all make camping easier.

Camping shells don't generally add value to your truck but can be a great lifestyle addition. It can provide you with more vertical storage space, extra coverage, and shelter for you if you want to sleep in the bed.

Leveling Blocks

It’s also important to purchase leveling blocks when you’re trying to make your truck camping-friendly.Leveling blocks are small slightly sloped blocks that you can put against your tires to make your truck level if you park it on slightly uneven ground.

These blocks come in handy outdoors when you are parking on uneven terrain. They are especially important if you plan to sleep in your truck bed—without them, your truck could roll which could result in injury to you.

Truck Bed Mattresses

Another great investment is a truck bed mattress. There are a variety of different kinds out there that can fit various kinds of truck beds. Typically, a truck bed mattress is a type of air mattress and is fitted with a bump to fit comfortably over your tires.

Having this kind of mattress is fun in the summertimewhen you can sleep under the stars. And because the mattress is an air mattress, it usually isn’t super difficult to compress it and store it in your truck.

Camping is a great way to reconnect with yourself and with nature. And for some, camping is a great option throughout most of the year. Utilizing your truck to do more than just drive to your destination will hopefully help you develop a bigger desire to get outside. If having a comfy truck bed mattress or truck shell helps you feel more comfortable staying the night outside, then go for it!

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