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August 09, 2021 2 min read

Your trip is planned, your family is excited, you’ve packed all your favorite road trip snacks—all that’s left is to make sure your vehicle is up to the task! Before leaving on your adventure, prep your car by making sure your tires are sturdy, your storage is plenty and you’re prepared for any accident that may occur on your way!

Get New Tires

If you plan to travel off-road, you need tires that can handle the loose ground! Low tread cannot grip the road well, which makes them dangerous to use on unpaved areas. The average car should get new tiresevery four to six years—check the status of your tires (the tread, pressure, and any uneven wear that could indicate a skewed alignment) and if necessary, get new tires! New tires ensure amuchbetter and safer handling of off-road driving. If you have recently gotten new tires, consider going in for a tire rotation to make sure wear is even on all tires. Rotation should happen about twice a year, or around every 7,000 miles.

Add Some Storage

Make sure you have room to take all your adventure gear with you! Rooftop cargo carriers and trailers are easy ways to increase your storage space significantly. Camping shells are becoming another popular way to carry your “housing” around with you while freeing up theinside of your car. It is essentially a rigid tent that sits (and collapses) on top of your vehicle. These are easy to set up, and provide an entire room of space for your camping use! Acamping shell is ideal for a truck to prevent your belongings from getting lost. Prioritize your gear, be realistic with what you will likely use, and dedicate your storage space to these most important things first.

Create a Safety Kit

Be prepared for any andeveryemergency possible.Put together a safety kit with medical and navigational tools or materials for you, and energy or repair tools for your vehicle. And don’t just rely on your old emergency kit to get you through! Evaluate the setting you will be in and the potential needs of that setting, and thenreevaluate your kit to make sure it includes those tools, and that those tools are fully functional. Plan for the worst by being prepared with the best!

The best adventure experience requires a safe, functioning car with all the space necessary to bring your adventure-materials along. You will feel more excited about and confident in your adventure when you feel excited about and confident in the car that will get you there!

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