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October 13, 2017 1 min read

:: Find Your Coast + Eastern Surf Magazine (ESM) ::


We are pleased to announce our advertising partnership with Eastern Surf Magazine (ESM).  The largest publication for all east coast surf news all the time.  We find it an honor to reach their awesome reader base and introduce them to the FYC.  If you are not familiar with them then most likely you are not located on the east coast but check them out and become a subscriber of their news, photos, videos, girls, industry buzz and more as they are a top provider of east coast surf news 24/7. 


We break it down for you with some top categories;

Latest ESM news here

Swell gallery of photos here

Competition news (WSL) here

ESM Girls here

ESM Subscriptions here



(Covers from Eastern Surf Magazine)



Photo credits -  Warwick Martin (ozsurfpics) &  J Hammah (Hawaii)

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