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November 08, 2017 2 min read

What's important to us and what drives us is the need to keep it evolving.  Just like the ocean that is in constant motion and never sits still.  We have dropped new products for fall/winter collections and look forward to an early spring 2018.  We are beyond excited to continue growing our base of fellow ocean/surf/adventure enthusiasts and keep everyone connected through the common thread.  A common thread with what we wear keeps us tied together.  We continue to offer new products and designs that will touch that perfect nerve when it hits your closet and you will gravitate to it often.  Inspired by someone that never stayed in one place for more than 2 years at a time.  Exploration and adventure drive us as we learn, experience and look good doing it.  So far this fall we have dropped new tee shirt hoodies, new heather blend tees, new track jackets, new sweatshirts, new yoga leggings, new capri leggings, new sponge fleece long sleeves and new designs to print on those pieces to keep the look fresh.  We have also tapped into some badass triblend fleece leggings and joggers.  These offer superior quality and are made from recycled materials which is a huge draw for us as we support clean oceans and cleaning up plastics from the earth.  The good that goes into the yarn does not stop there.  Once you put a pair of these on you will gravitate to wearing them often.  They are simply badass fleece pants.  We are stoked.  

Now we introduce and drop the new ocean inspired Waterman Series in our Premium Snapback and Flexfit hats.  With a fresh original design that represents the ocean and the constant motion of the ocean.  The driving force on this earth that inspires the brand to keep moving & constantly evolving.  We surf it, we fish it, we dive it, we explore it.  Above all, we love it. 

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