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November 21, 2017 4 min read

:: Ambassador Spotlight :: From Board Rider to Adventurer Cooper Hullinger


We catch up with this thirsty adventurer, originally from California but now he calls Utah home.  Utah is known for its' huge Salt Lake, amazing snowboarding and its' famous National Parks.  FYC Ambassador Cooper Hullinger takes a break from a full college workload for this weeks Q&A.  He has a thirst for new adventure, prefers Crazy, Stupid Love and loves to travel the US.  Let's find out how he gets the most out of life and why he is no Law Abiding Citizen.




1)  Where are you from?  Born and raised?   Where is your family?

I claim Idaho as home but I was born in California and lived there longer than I lived in Idaho. My parents are both from CA.

2) Where do you live now?


3)  Where do you attend school?  What year are you?

I am a junior at Utah Valley University

4)  More about that-  obviously you are a full time student.  What is your major and why did you choose it?

I am a construction management major. I did construction all throughout high school and love working with my hands. I started off in accounting just because I am good with numbers but that didn’t suit me. 

5)  What has been your most challenging course and why?   What courses come easiest to you?

My most challenging course would definitely be business writing. There are so many rules in the English language we don’t ever pay attention to!  Easy course are history. I wanted to be a history teacher but there is not enough money in that. haha

6)  What are your other hobbies, interests or activities? We know you love some board riding and adventure (and guns?).  Give us the details!

I have been riding snowboards since I was 12. Me and my brother took to it like ducks to water and we always challenged each other. He would backflip off a cliff, I would follow him up. I would board slide a rail, he would do the same.. It was always fun but there were definitely some injuries and trash talk  

7)  What inspires you most to find that spare and set yourself free doing what you love?

I force myself to find free time honestly. I saw we got 20 inches of powder over night and I skipped class to go preseason riding. I mean, how many times do you get to snowboard in September!

8)  What or who inspires you to have that adventure side in your life?

I really gained that spirit of adventure growing up. My brother and I grew up watching Nitro Circus and we were infatuated with that idea. Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus. Traveling the world and go snowboarding is what we always wanted to do.  

9)  Are you currently employed through the school year in addition to school?

Manage a sales team when I’m not in school. That’s why I have been traveling so much.   A friend recruited me into my current employer and I've been moving up ever since.

10)  As far as travel, where have you been and where is next on your adventure list to go?

I have been to 46 states and Mexico and Canada.. I’m hoping to hit the last 4 within 3 years. My next adventure is probably going to be the Dominican Republic. I’ve always wanted to go there and just tour around the island. 

11)  So pursuing a degree in business management that requires added psych coursework.   What do you hope to do with your degree after graduation?

I want to manage my own construction firm and flip design houses or do custom home work for individuals.

12)  Do you prefer big lecture halls or smaller intimate class rooms?

I prefer big lecture halls. I prefer to do my work by myself that way I cannot blame anyone else if the project fails. 

13)  You love to travel.  Where has been your favorite trip in the last 2 years?   Where is the one place you would drop everything and go today if you could?

My favorite trip would have to be Mardi Gras of last year. I love the culture down there in New Orleans and it was so fun and festive. I think everyone should experience that once. I would drop everything to go to Prague. I love history and I’ve always been fascinated with Eastern Europe. 

14)  What is your favorite action movie and why?  What is your favorite love story movie and why?    (trying to tap into the soft side, lol)

My favorite action movie would have to be Law Abiding Citizen because of the acting and the twists and turns of how it ends up. 

My favorite love story, that’s a hard one. I’m not big into the sappy love stories but I enjoy Crazy, Stupid Love. It’s an all star cast and just well done overall. 

15)  What is your favorite food or type of food? 

I am huge into Mexican! I’ve always had a thing for good fajitas and cow tongue tacos! 

16)  Are you into fantasy sports like fantasy football? 

Not really into fantasy sports. My uncles got in a fight a few years ago so I try and stay away from that!  haha

17)  What is one thing about yourself that nobody may know?  This can be anything such as you love the smell of fresh cut grass, you wish you were an astronaut, or you love a certain brand of shoe.  It can be anything.

I love reading!  I've read 17 books this year and currently reading two more. Anywhere and everywhere I can squeeze in a few chapters I do!  Lots of audio books too.   I drive out of my way to listen to more audio books.


18)  Last but not least - What connects you to Find Your Coast / Venture Pro Brands?

What connects me to FYC and the Venture Pro brands is my thirst for something new. I am never comfortable staying still and these brands are always innovating trying to do exactly that. They are a huge disruption from the norm and it’s a great thing to see where it started and where we are now. 





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