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November 30, 2017 2 min read

The common threads that connect us.  Everything in the world that you can touch, use, wear, hold, listen to, watch, came to us as someone's creation.  Pharrell Williams says "that was someone's epiphany" & "every tangible thing came from the mind of an artist", in a recent interview with Departures Magazine.  Within that same article he goes into more details about instincts, art in schools and how art gets dismissed.  Art is a form of expression.  Each expression as unique as a snow flake.  These expressions invoke inspiration, release passions, tell stories, share love and even make babies.  Staying connected through these expressions is what the release of new art is all about.  The artist wants to keep everyone connected and expand on their audience.  Anything less would be a heartbreaking failure.  Expressing that epiphany and sharing it with likeminded audiences far and wide is a goal we strive for.  As connected as we are today through our social media outlets, easy access to travel, and a shared passion to get out and explore keeps us sharing the story.  After all, life is a story.  Stories need to be told, passed down, shared.   What's even better is that some stories never ever end.  Let the conversation begin.  Create your story.  Tell your story. 

There is nothing better than doing what you love.  All the ocean, surfing, diving, fishing, exploring a person can take in.  The venture of getting there and back is half the story.  Beyond these stories we share the threads of these journeys.  Until the moon turns blue, Always and forever.  These threads will remain a part of these stories.  Here's to the stories we've lived through and the ones yet to come.  Helping you create the story and tell the story.

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