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January 27, 2018 3 min read

:: Partnership Annoucement :: Find Your Coast Apparel + The Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770.  A long standing Harvard University Tradition celebrating Paul Rudd and Mila Kunis as this years "Man of the Year" and "Woman of the Year."  Visit here for tickets.

Find Your Coast Apparel is pleased to announce our partnership with Harvard University's premier performing arts organization, The Hasty Pudding Organization.  The Hasty Pudding founded in 1795, aka "The Pudding", is a world renowned group that comprises the Hasty Pudding Club, The Hasty Pudding Theatricals and the Harvard Krokodiloes.  Over a two century long span this group has grown into a premiers performing arts organization, a patron for the arts and comedy, and an advocate for satire and discourse as tools for change worldwide.  There is no collegiate organization quite like it in the world.  

In 1795, twenty-one Harvard students crowded into a dorm room to celebrate the establishment of a new on-campus society. Members pledged to maintain the club’s secrecy and “to cultivate the social affections and cherish the feelings of friendship and patriotism.” Most importantly, they mandated that “the members in alphabetical order shall provide a pot of hasty pudding for every meeting.” With this ritual, the Hasty Pudding club was founded and its namesake created.  Beginnings of what today you will see are extremely entertaining Pudding shows with long tradition of daring social and political commentary, never shying away from controversial current events.  Full of tradition, satire, wit and puns.  

The Pudding has an extraordinarily unique, prestigious and iconic history.   As the oldest social club in the Unites States The Pudding boasts a very distinguished membership, including five U.S. Presidents (John and John Quincy Adams, Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy), William Randolph Hearst, Jack Lemmon, and many other luminaries in entertainment, academia, politics, business, and public service.

The Pudding pride themselves on a very unique philanthropy.  Supporting artists who otherwise would not have a voice.  The Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770’s philanthropic mission is to provide educational and developmental support in all aspects of the performing arts for the underprivileged, while encouraging satire and comedy relief, and to cultivate up and coming talent worldwide.  Making a difference through 3 steps that include direct service, grants to individuals and organizations, convening of like-minded organizations around special projects.

Another highlight of The Pudding shows is their yearly tradition of celebrating hand picked recipients to receive their "Woman of the Year" (WOY) and their "Man of the Year" (MOY) awards.  Each of these recipients happens to be life long professional actors and actresses who earn top movie roles and are very much considered Hollywood A-Listers.  Past recipients have included Anne Hathaway, Justin Timberlake, Helen Mirren, Neil Patrick-Harris, Octavia Spencer, Ryan Reynolds, Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt, Julianne Moore, Jay Leno, Claire Danes, Jason Segel, just to name a few of past years.  See more here    The current year is another exciting year for The Pudding as they have announced the Women of the Year award to go to Mila Kunis and the Man of the Year award to go to Paul Rudd.   Both so deserving of the honor and we are extremely excited to have included in their celebratory gift baskets some Find Your Coast Apparel items.  

What are you waiting for.  Explore a world wide entertainment phenomenon!   Visit here for tickets!




images courtesy of The Hasty Pudding Institute.

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