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March 03, 2018 6 min read 1 Comment

:: Model Spotlight :: Q&A With Male Model Caleb Paulson

Making a heated impact on the model scene.  From Denver, Colorado we catch up with Caleb Paulson, aka @_caky_.   As a Communications major attending Colorado University he has a busy schedule but he finds time for his new found passion.  What began as a late night studio session with friends has turned into a growing instagram fan base of over 20,000 fans and a bright future in front of the camera.  Read more to find out what Marvin Gaye and Indiana Jones have in common with Caleb, and his pursuit to live life to the fullest while earning a 3.5 GPA.


1)  Where are you from?  Born and raised?   Where is your family?

 (CP)  I was born in Colorado, right outside of Denver! I actually moved to Texas when I was little and spent some time growing up there and than eventually found my way back to Colorado! And all my family is from here.

2) Where do you live?  Where do you go to school?   Tell us about that.

(CP)  I live right outside of Denver Colorado.   I go to Colorado University.  I am a communications major.  When I applied to college I think I wanted a degree in which I could have a large variety of jobs opportunities.  I have always been interested in how people communicate so it just seemed like a good option for me.  I finished last year with a 3.5 GPA.   My favorite class i've taken so far has been creative writing as it allowed me to show off my more creative side.   Least favorite so far has been science, not because I hate science, I am just not a natural at it so I struggle.  Struggle bus all semester with that one.

3)  What got you started in modeling?  Or how?  When and where?  

(CP)   It was actually like 3am and my friend Kyle and I had made this like little makeshift studio in my brothers room and stayed up the whole night taking pics. I mean they all looked awful cause you could tell we were clearly tired and exhausted but I think at that time I realized it's something that I really enjoy and wouldn't mind trying my hand in.

4)  More about that-  obviously you are a model.  What do you love most about it?

 (CP)  I just love being a part of art in any fashion, I love creating! Another great thing is I get to go out and spend time in all these awesome places that otherwise I wouldn't have got to see!

5)  How long have you been modeling?  What are your other hobbies, interests or activities?  Please elaborate.

(CP)   I've actually only been modeling for about 8 months now! My other hobbies are pretty much all also art related. I really love music and I'm actually working on putting together an album so be on the look out for that. I also love film and might want to try my hand in that someday as well!

6)  What inspires you most to keep going after it?

(CP)  Just other creative people I see who are trying to fill the world with great things. I also have this weird obsession, that's honestly hard to explain, but tells me that I was put here to make great creative things!

7)  Who has been an inspiration for you?  Who has been a supporter for you?

 (CP)  artistically my biggest inspirations right now are definitely frank ocean and Damien chazelle who directed lala land! I think it's cause both those men are so about producing incredible things that make people happy! Another huge inspiration and support comes from my mom and dad. They are living proof that with enough hard work and dedication you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Lastly, one of the  biggest supports has been a women named Niki Farmer, she has just provided me with so many great opportunities and encouraged my art from the very start!

8)  What do you find most challenging about modeling and why?

(CP)  trying to make things feel fresh and new. It's hard to make people be like, wow this is incredible, every time they see your pictures if it's just me rocking the same pose in a similar picture style over and over. So I think trying to make things feel new or unseen.

9)  What has been your proudest moment or accomplishment and why?

 (CP)  I've had a few actually, seeing my face and pic on a website of a brand was kind of surreal, having someone purchase one of my photographs was a huge deal for me cause it was like wow people actually do like the stuff I'm putting out, and finally this interview is a huge deal to me!

10)  What awards, acknowledgements or exposure have your received?

 (CP)  Just seeing my work published on companies websites is really like a huge blessing!

11)  Do you prefer indoors shoots, outdoors shoots?  Why?

 (CP)  I love outdoor shoots and 100% of the time would rather go outside and shoot. The main reason is I just love being outside and going and finding all these dope places, the world is just such an interesting place so getting to explore it is my favorite thing!


12)  Do you have any tattoo's?  Piercings?  

 (CP)  I have my nose pierced and my ears pierced! I'm currently working on my first tattoo I just want to be very comfortable with all the components before getting it!

13)  Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

 (CP)  I have pretty big ambitions and I hope in the next 5 years I can start to make them come to fruition but honestly if I'm creating things that are greatly improved from where I am now I will be happy cause I'm improving.

14)  When you are not modeling,  where can we find you and what are you doing?  Are you in school?

 (CP)  you can find me in my room playing guitar or on a computer trying to produce. I am in school and Colorado university pursuing my degree in communications! Also you could probably find me at any place that sells sweet tea!

15)  What is your favorite movie and why?  What is your favorite music?

 (CP)  my favorite movie all time if I had to choose is probably Indiana jones and the last crusade, but ask me tomorrow and I'm sure it'd be something else. I just love the story, the way it's filmed, plus who on the planet doesn't want to be Indiana jones? Right now I've been listening to a lot of frank ocean and SZA's new album CTRL, but my all time favorites are Michael Jackson, The Beach Boys and Marvin Gaye!

16)  What is your favorite food?

 (CP)  honestly it's super simple but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I could eat them for every single meal and be content every single time.

17)  Do you play any fantasy sports?  Football or baseball?

 (CP)  My family has a big fantasy football league and that will probably consume my life for the next couple of months!

18)  Do you surf, snowboard or skateboard?

 (CP)  I have tried my hand in all three! I think surfing is probably my favorite, I've always been very into surf culture.

19)  What is one thing nobody may know about you that you would like to share about yourself?  This can be anything such as you love the smell of fresh cut grass,  you want to be an astronaut etc...

(CP)  When I was growing up my family went to Disney World often.  For the longest time,  and still secretly, my dream job was to be the Tarzan character who roams around the park!

20)  What connects you to the FYC & Venture Pro Brands?

(CP)  They promote a lifestyle that I find to be amazing. By being focused on creating your own happiness and living life to the fullest!


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August 30, 2017

He’s always had that awesome hair. When he was just a toddler he used to ask people " do you like mine own hair." He wasn’t quite as modest then as he is now.

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