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September 29, 2021 2 min read

Surfing is a relaxing, fulfilling sport that everyone should try. One of the best places to surf is in Mexico, right in the sun’s rays. If your plan is to start your surfer’s journey in this country, there are quite a few beaches perfect for a beginner. Check out these surfing areas for your trip to Mexico down below!


Feel like part of the locals at the bright beach of Sayulita! This safe and friendly beach is perfect for surfing beginners becausethe waves aren’t too crazy and have frequent breaks. The water is a lovely blue that is unforgettable. If you have any questions on how to surf, you can always ask the other surfers there who have likely been surfing their whole life. After practicing your surfing moves, you can relax on the beach or walk the town. The area has always been a popular surf town, so you’ll find fun shops to explore, stunning wildlife, and delicious foods from various eateries after a day of catching waves. 


Litibu is a good spot for beginners and tends to be less popular, though still easy to reach by car. Feel the relaxing ocean breeze as you cut across the easygoing waves. The secluded beach means you can crash as many times as you like without feeling judged. While you won’t be able to learn how to surf by watching others in this situation, you’ll have plenty of space to try any moves out. As far as other perks, the beach is clean and dog-friendly. Be aware of mussels on rocks, though, as they could cut your feet.


The quiet beach of Cerritos has clear, easily swimmable water. The shallow water goes way out, so you can practice surfing without feeling unsafe. Sometimes you’ll even see baby sea turtles going out into the water, depending on the season! Another great perk of this beach is that it has all types of waves, perfect for surfers of all levels if you’re wanting to advance in your difficulty level quickly. 

You can check the forecast at Cerritos for its surfing conditions, though usually the best time to surf on this beach is during sunset! You can surf with friends of all surfing levels with the gorgeous sunset behind you. Laugh amongst yourselves, then enjoy the stillness of the approaching night as the community goes to sleep.

Catch some waves and live your life to the fullest at the various beaches in Mexico. While surfing can seem daunting at first, once you get the hang of it, you won’t ever go back. Experience the Mexico surfing scene during your next trip to the area!

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