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October 01, 2021 2 min read

With outdoor activities becoming more and more critical during this wave of the pandemic, gorgeous fall temperatures are tempting you. But there’s always additions that can improve the comfort and fun of your next adventure. Here are some new must-haves you should include!

Leisure Equipment

Your body needs comfort if it’s going to keep on hiking, especially if you are no longer a teenager and a thin sleeping bag ruins your back. Still, you want to make sure that you get something lightweight and easy to carry as well. According toNomad Paradise, there are excellent sleeping pads dedicated to back support available, which are inflatable and easily packable. Likewise, very lightweight aluminum chairs are a great way to have something to rest your body at the end of a long day of hiking without lugging something heavy the whole time. Not everybody enjoys sitting on rocks or logs by the campfire, and that’s ok!

Solid Transportation

Packing into a small, four person car with minimal storage space works on occasion, but if you’re looking to make camping a regular venture you’ll need better transportation. According toJordan Camper, using a truck cap adds storage, protects your belongings, and makes packing much easier. You can also rent a camper, invest in a small trailer or hitch, or use a larger van so you don’t have to worry about fitting all the necessary supplies. Besides storage space, a must-have with your camping transportation is reliability. Make sure your vehicle is regularly serviced and checked before long trips, and rent a more reliable vehicle if necessary.

Cooking Supplies

If you’re planning on building a fire and cooking out, there’s plenty of supplies that can make it easier. For one, some outdoor cooking tools can create a flat space on any log you’re planning on cooking upon, while being foldable and super light to carry. Speaking of foldable, did you know that there are foldable pots and pans specifically made for camping? According toGear Junkie, you can even invest in a collapsible kitchen sink, which definitely makes cleaning up dishes easier.

You want a great experience planned for your next trip, and this means figuring out all of the details. You need comfort, a safe way to get there, and the right place to cook breakfast the next morning. Camping is a safe pandemic activity, and a fun one, so go for it!

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