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FindYourCoast Apparel Launches “Venture Pro” Collection for Men and Women

New coast culture collection being celebrated with a gear giveaway

JULY 25, 2016 - The FindYourCoast (FYC) Apparel team is stoked to announce the
launch of the Venture Pro collection, which offers a range of classic and clean surf style
apparel for todays’ tastes with a premium fit and feel.

The Venture Pro men’s collection offers premium clothing with hot new design concepts
and a modern fit. The women’s Venture Pro collection includes the hottest leggings designs, ocean and surf inspired lifestyle hats, and must-have shirts and tank tops.

FYC Apparel offers premier apparel and accessories designed for coast cultures and
people with saltwater in their veins and a readiness to ride anything with a board. The
selection includes leggings, limited edition items, hats, accessories, and more. All in all,
the company has created a new design concept with ideals that include living life to the
limit and doing what people love. Pursuing destiny is a higher level of consciousness and
the Venture Pro Collection outfits this mindset for those that pursue their passions and
have a distinct taste for quality and design. The company values being unique and people
pushing their passions.

Along with the launch of the Venture Pro collection, FYC Apparel is announcing the
Venture Pro Challenge. Anyone can enter the contest by submitting their best Venture Pro pic to hello@findyourcoast.com. Winners will receive free gear.
“Coasts around the world provide some of the most sought after entertainment and recreation the world has to offer,” said the FYC Apparel team.
“Explore it and share to win.”

The FYC Apparel team is thrilled to launch the Venture Pro collection and the Venture
Pro Challenge. More information about the collection is available at
https://www.findyourcoast.com, and details about the challenge can be found at

About FindYourCoast Apparel
FindYourCoast Apparel offers a premium line of coast culture apparel, including the
Venture Pro collection for men and women.
FindYourCoast Apparel
E-mail: hello@findyourcoast.com
Website: https://www.findyourcoast.com/




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